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Dispute resolution and litigation

Legal actions before the courts are a special discipline requiring expertise. We have this expertise, and our lawyers know how claims and arguments will play out in court and how soft or tough we can be in negotiations. Expertise in litigation provides a sound foundation for our advice. Our opponents know that we can prosecute the case as long as necessary and with the strength and firmness needed to achieve results.

Our dispute resolution and litigation team has considerable experience from dispute resolution through negotiations and from court proceedings in district courts, courts of appeal and the Supreme Court of Norway. Dispute resolution and litigation is a special discipline that is cultivated at Seland Orwall.

Seland Orwall assists in litigation in most subject areas, before both the general courts and courts of arbitration. We have particular expertise in legal actions related to tax and excise duty law, real estate and corporate law.

Seland Orwall regularly assists clients in cases against administrative bodies, whether it involves matters related to permit applications or government interventions. We have broad experience in cases against the tax administration bodies, such as assistance in connection with tax audits, applications for various opinions and decisions in tax matters. Seland Orwall regularly assists clients with cases involving exchanging information with the tax authorities.


Contact person

Tallag Andersen
PARTNER - LAWYER (Admitted to the Supreme Court of Norway)

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+47 907 85 582

Our dispute resolution and litigation lawyers

Senior Associate
+47 907 85 582
Senior Associate
+47 456 95 455
Partner - Lawyer
+47 920 13 504
Partner - Lawyer
+47 916 08 884
Partner - Lawyer
+47 906 78 176
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