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Primary industries

The Law Firm of Seland Orwall AS has for many years assisted clients in agriculture, forestry and other business activities based on the primary industries. Several of our lawyers have a background as lawyers at the Norwegian Farmers' Union. Seland Orwall provides practical advice to the industry that provides favourable conditions for growth.

The primary industries are extensive and varied economic activities in Norway and involve management of large and important assets with long traditions. The primary industries are not one clear legal discipline but consist of many different areas of the law. Seland Orwall has expertise in the various areas of the law that are relevant for the industries.

Seland Orwall has considerable experience as a legal adviser in agriculture. We possess the special knowledge required, both about agriculture as a business and about the applicable legal rules. Agriculture is a dynamic industry, and both legal and financial framework conditions are constantly changing. We know the industry from the inside through our long-lasting collaboration with various players in agriculture.

Seland Orwall has worked on allodial and qualified rights of inheritance, land and forest legislation, successions for agriculture and concession legislation. Many agricultural matters are related to real estate, for example, expropriation, building site development, conveyances, appraisals, etc., and Seland Orwall has special expertise in such matters. Seland Orwall has plenty of experience with legal matters related to forestry. We also have lawyers with knowledge of the regulations governing the fishing industry.

Several of our lawyers have a background from the Norwegian Farmers' Union, and we have a collaboration agreement with the Farmers' Union.



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