Management and income for the future Management and income for the future

Real estate

Real estate is usually associated with the foundation itself of how people live their lives. It provides concrete and physical frameworks for extensive business activity. Real estate involves a need for professional legal assistance for management and income from large assets for the future. Seland Orwall has lawyers with a long tradition of assistance in legal issues related to real estate.

Seland Orwall works with all types of matters in real estate law. This includes everything from the more traditional legal relationships between landowners, construction of residences and commercial buildings to management and sale of commercial real estate. Primary industries and agriculture are a special subject area in relation to real estate.

Seland Orwall also assists in matters involving construction agreements, construction jobs, concessions and lease agreements. We have broad experience with issues related to property law and landowner rights, such as expropriation appraisals, ground leasing, neighbours' rights law and property boundaries, joint ownership law, the public right to outdoor access and activities and the Norwegian Outdoor Recreation Act.

The firm assists in tax and excise duty matters in all areas of the law and has special expertise in taxes and duties involving the sale and operation of rental and industrial properties.



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