The Law Firm of Seland Orwall AS

The Law Firm of Seland Orwall AS offers solid experience and expertise in tax and excise duty law, real estate and corporate law. The firm has a goal of being one of the largest tax law practices in the country. The Law Firm of Seland Orwall AS provides clear and practical advice, based on the client's commercial requirements.

The combined client portfolio of the firm consists of both Norwegian and foreign companies, co-operative societies, government authorities, organisations, self-employed persons and individuals. The law firm has today a strong position in industries such as accounting and auditing, oil service, maritime sector, real estate and construction, and agriculture.

Through increased expertise in our concentration areas, we can offer professional and goal-oriented legal assistance to old and new clients in a number of different industries. We believe that the business community's demand for tax law services, among others, will increase in the future. At the same time, the matters are often complex, and The Law Firm of Seland Orwall AS can offer cross-disciplinary teams to assist our clients. The Law Firm of Seland Orwall AS will be one of the strongest players in tax and excise duty law, real estate and corporate law and can therefore assist clients in an effective and goal-oriented manner.

On 30 June 2021, we changed company form from DA to AS, and our organization number is 925 554 553. The company has been known as Advokatfirmaet Seland Orwall DA since 1 June 2016, when the companies Advokatfirmaet Seland DA and Advokatfirmaet Orwall DA merged.

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Our client portfolio involves extensive contact with lawyers all over the world. We have lawyers who have a command of French and German in addition to English. In addition to specific cooperation in current cases with lawyers in other countries, we are affiliated with international communities of lawyers in order to maintain an effective international network.

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